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Fairfield, Ohio


Missing since 08/13/11





Skeletal remains found in Franklin County Indiana on April 7, 2013 were positively

 identified on April 10, 2013 as being those of Katelyn Markham.

 Our thoughts and prayers are with

all who knew and loved Katelyn and we wish investigators Godspeed in bringing those

responsible for her death to justice.




Katelyn was last seen by her fiance late Saturday evening.

She failed to appear for work Sunday morning prompting

a police investigation into her disappearance. Katelyn's

car, purse, and her beloved dog were found at her residence.

Katelyn is 5' 3" tall

130 lbs.

Has Brown Hair with Blond Streaks

and Green Eyes.

Her date of birth is 08/16/1989.

Volunteers and law enforcement searched for Katelyn on Monday 08/15/11 and Tuesday 08/16/2011 but no new clues were found. On Wednesday 08/17/2011 Fairfield Police issued a statement saying that foul play is suspected.

Update: August 27, 2011 Volunteer searchers gathered to search several area parks. Several items including a cell phone were found. However at the time that this is being written, there is no confirmation as to whether or not those items have any connection to Katelyn Markham.


Readers of my site are familiar with the story of another young woman who went missing from Fairfield, Ohio many years ago. Laney Gwinner disappeared from the Gilmore Lanes bowling alley on December 10, 1997. Gilmore bowling lanes is just a few miles from the residence where Katelyn Markham was last seen.  (Scroll down for a link to the full Laney Gwinner story.) For this small community, the current situation brings back many painful memories. Click below for WKRC reporter Deborah Dixon's interviews with Laney's friends about the Katelyn Markham disappearance.









If you know where Katelyn is or have any information whatsoever about this case please call the Fairfield Police Department at

(513) 829-8201

or CrimeStoppers at (513) 352-3040

Remember you can remain anonymous (callers are identified by  code numbers not a name).

There is $25,000.00 Reward for information leading

to the whereabouts of Katelyn Markham.




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If you don’t hear from me every day, call the police.”

The missing person’s flyer identifies her as Sharon “Shari” Rose Apgar and it can tell you that she has blonde hair, blue eyes, was born April 26, 1966 and is 5’ 3” tall. What that flyer does not tell you is that Shari had a lust for life that could not be contained and a spirit that refused to give up when facing enormous obstacles. It doesn’t tell you that her piercing blue eyes sparkled when she laughed and that her smile was absolutely contagious. You would have to speak with those who knew and loved Shari  to get a sense for who she really was. You would have to view her through the eyes of her family and loved ones to understand that a single piece of paper could never truly represent who Shari was.

Shari vanished in November of 1999. She was 33 years old at the time and was last seen by friends at a hotel in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky once known as The Cross Country Inn, now known as Motel 8. She left behind a grief stricken family who struggle daily to go on without her day after day and month after month. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with her loving family who miss her so much. I am committed to seeing to it that Shari's story continues to be heard until the day her family has the answers they so desperately seek.


If you have information about the disappearance of Shari Rose Apgar please contact Investigator Lori Saylor of the Clermont County Sheriff’s office at 513-732-7658. You can also contact Investigator Saylor by e-mail at



          ALANA "LANEY" GWINNER    

 It's been an absolute privilege and an honor to profile Laney Gwinner's case on this site. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Laney's family. It is my absolute sincere belief and conviction that it is only a matter of time before her killer is brought to justice and I have a message for him. "Your days of walking free are swiftly coming to a close. You took from this earth the precious gift that Laney was to all who knew her and you robbed her of her life and the chance to fulfill her dreams. I am committed to doing everything within my power to see to it that you are brought to justice and I will not cease to see to it that Laney's story continues to go out and that her voice is heard. What you did under the cover of night will soon be exposed for all to see you as the coward you really are. You've evaded justice thus far, but those days are numbered. With every foot step that you hear behind you, you should know, we are closing in on you and it's just a matter of time until you are behind bars where you belong. Until that day, Laney's story will remain on this site." 



It’s mid-October and the leaves are changing color bathing the streets in brilliant fiery hues of every imaginable shade as Mother Nature begins her preparations for the coming winter months. There is a slight chill in the air as the smiling self-assured detective approaches me, hand outstretched. Until now I’ve known Cold Case Detective Frank Smith only as a booming baritone on the other end of the phone. Now we stand face to face for the first time just outside the Resolutions building in Butler County, Ohio. We are meeting today to discuss the case of murdered woman Alana “Laney” Gwinner.

As he ushers me into his office I am immediately greeted by an array of photographs of faces that form a horizontal line spanning the entire length of the stark white wall just to my left. Each photograph displayed has a name typed in bold print directly below it. A shorter second horizontal line of photographs begins directly underneath the first row. I notice immediately that none of these photos bears a name.   

Positioned directly beneath the rows of photos there are two giant pieces of poster board joined together that display a map that appears to be a portion of the Ohio River. As I look to my right I see an enormous poster size photograph of a beautiful young woman with a beaming smile, long thick brown hair, and eyes that sparkle.  The smiling girl looks down on Detective Smith’s desk and though it’s just a photographic rendering of the real woman, her hopeful countenance seems to light up the room. Immediately I recognize the woman in the photograph. It’s Alana “Laney” Gwinner and this photograph was taken just hours before she disappeared on Wednesday December 10, 1997. Her body language, captured forever in that photograph, says that at that moment the picture was snapped she was relaxed and at peace, worry free, care free.  Her beautiful smile and twinkling eyes are so full of contentment and joy, so utterly unaware of the great danger and of the tragedy that lies just a few short hours ahead. I feel a sharp pain in my chest as I wrestle with the knowledge that someone so beautiful and so alive in the moment that picture taken could be so brutally ripped from all that she held dearest.

I stand mesmerized for a moment staring at Laney and then the significance of the other photos hanging on the walls begins to dawn on me and I shift my gaze again the left, scanning all of the photos. All at once I understand the importance of the faces in the photographs arranged to greet all who enter this office. The photographs are all of people whose lives have been violently interrupted, whose hopes and dreams have been torn asunder, and their futures snatched from them.

Detective Frank Smith has been charged with telling the stories of these who can no longer speak for themselves and the first step in getting to the truth, to ensuring that they are not forgotten, is keeping their faces where he can always see them. This is Detective Smith’s world and in his world, the victim’s faces call out to him from their places on the wall every moment of every day .They are simultaneously his deepest obsession and his deepest joy as he works to provide the answers that no one else can.

 We remain silent a bit longer, sharing a moment of mutual respect for the victims whose faces peer out from the photographs, for the families left behind. Scrolling across the computer screen on Detective Smith’s desk I read the words “Never Forget, Never Give Up.” Across the way and into the interrogation and interview room I read another message scrolling across yet another computer screen. This one reads “Truth Seeker”.  My eyes rise to meet his and in a voice that is decidedly reverent Detective Smith gestures around the room to all of the photographs and says “This, is what it’s all about.”

Starting at the far left and proceeding around the room his voice rich with emotion he points to each photo, calls each victim by name, recounts for me the events of each case, and mentions by name the family members of the victims that he now considers to be his family.

When I inquire as to the second shorter row of photos beneath the first, the ones without names, Detective Smiths tone turns hard, almost harsh, as he informs me that the nameless photos are of the men who murdered the victims whose pictures hang above theirs. These are men who Frank Smith has taken off of the streets, men who will never kill again. To Detective Smith, putting names on the photos of the murderers would be paying them a tribute and a respect that they do not deserve.  In Frank Smith’s world, those that prey upon others don’t deserve to be recognized.  It’s that simple.

Finally, we arrive at Laney’s photo and in his deep baritone voice, now rich with an intense urgency that resonates in every syllable, he recounts the events of the case.









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