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What is your body language communicating about you? From public speaking to your most intimate relationships your body language speaks volumes about you. Conversely, the body language of those around you contains valuable information that can give you an edge no matter what setting you are in.

Research has indicated that up to 80 % of all communication is non-verbal communication. Whether you want to increase your confidence in social settings, nail your job interview, or better communicate with an audience, employees, or your family, I can help you achieve your goals by meeting with you to analyze your non-verbal communication and provide feedback and coaching to help you master the art of non-verbal communications.

 attention legal professionals and law enforcement members

I am also available for consults to evaluate the body language of witnesses and suspects in live or taped interviews and interrogations as well as of jurors in live courtroom settings. My analysis will provide you with valuable information to aid and assist you in your work and in achieving the best possible outcomes. Please call for special rates and discounts available to you if you work in the legal field or are a member of law enforcement.


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