None Forgotten, None Silent...   


My name is Virginia Braden and I help people remember that they've not been forgotten. I investigate violent crimes and work tirelessly to speak on behalf of victims and to bring their families answers. I work diligently to see to it that their voices are heard, to provide them with an ally, and to offer them hope.

This website exists as an outreach of my work and represents much more than a tribute to victims of violence and their families. is directed at the general public, the ordinary citizen, at men and women from every walk of life. It is a cry for help and for active participation and for caring. It is a plea to listen, to learn, to get involved. It aims to inspire the understanding that just as the acts of one person can bring about tragedy, so the acts of another can bring answers, closure, and healing.

I encourage you to read the stories and to hear the voices of the victims speaking through evidence and clues left behind and through the memories and words of their families and loved ones. I challenge you to have the courage to get involved, to pass their stories along, and to talk about these cases at work, and at home among family and friends. I challenge you to become the voices of those silent for now who have suffered so much and to see that their lives and their memories do not just fade away but continue to be remembered and cherished.

Within each of these stories you will find a common thread of hope. Hope that loved ones will return home, that the unidentified will once again have a name, that the unknown will be replaced by the truth, and that longstanding questions will finally be granted answers. The butterfly on this page represents the metamorphosis and change that can occur when ordinary people take the time to make the extraordinary decision to care and to act on that compassion. Be the force that keeps that flame of hope burning bright and refuses to accept the silence. Be the wings of hope.



Virginia E. Braden

Licensed Private Investigator

Victim's Advocate

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